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Sanni develops solutions – smart ideas

I am Susanne Richter – ever since school days, I have been called „Sanni“. Finding solutions is my passion. Even as a child I watched people in everyday situations and thought about how I could make their lives easier by inventing products. But at that time the ideas were only in my head.


From lawyer to inventor

I had chosen a different career path though. I studied law and worked at court and afterwards in management for many years. Driven by my passion for solutions I finally made my way towards consulting. Today I still work in Switzerland as a coach and mediator.


I love to work for individuals or owner-managed companies who, like me, are passionate about their work.


However, the desire to develop products and solutions never really let me go. And when – for the 3rd time in a row – the hard plastic shoe drainer broke after my little son had been jumping on it, I knew: there had to be a better solution, and I wanted to create it! I thought about what features it should have. This research and work resulted in my first product called shoo.pad, a flexible and colourful shoe draining mat. One that does not break, is machine-washable and even stylish. The development took me over two years until I was satisfied with shape, colour and function.

Already the first tests showed that shoo.pad motivates even young children to be tidy. In fact, children like to put their shoes on the funny soles because they make a clear statement. And adults also appreciate these useful and beautiful practical tools. These are exactly the small positive changes and improvements in everyday life that motivate me.


Making everyday life easier and more beautiful

Whenever I told the shoo. pad story, I got to hear new “everyday problems”: Where to put the wet cloth and sponge over the sink? Where can you store dirty brushes without having them lying around looking unattractive and wet? So I kept thinking about new products like drip.line and brush.up. Smart ideas that make everyday life easier and more beautiful.


I don’t look for complex, technical achievements but rather develop simple solutions that make life more beautiful.


Every day I practise the solution-oriented balancing act between family life, the Sanni Shoo products and consulting. A path that is strenuous but inspires and motivates me continuously. And when my 7-year-old son passionately shows my products  to others, I am simply happy. At least for that moment. Because the next product idea is already bubbling in my head…


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