Sanni Shoo

smart ideas

SANNI SHOO develops innovative, useful and beautifully designed products for your everyday life: Design that is functional, and that came from a new perspective, one that can instantly make you smile or wink.

Our mission is to face daily life playfully and with new, smart ideas.


SANNI SHOO is a brand that you can be happy to have in your own home, and recommend to others.

The Story


Everything started off with our founder – Sanni, looking for an attractive solution to place and dry wet and dirty shoes in the entrance of her home. Searching the existing products on the market, she could only find mousey grey plastic drainers – you’d rather want to hide than show in your own home. Friends of Sanni used DIY substitutes made out of cardboard or textiles.  It wasn’t long before she realised that even the stores who specialised in Interior Design, did not provide anything suitable that met her needs and expectations.  So, she felt she had to develop her first product: «shoo.pads» – the first colourful, washable, designed drainers from TPE. She presented her idea to family and friends, and one of them called her ‘SANNI SHOO’… Hence the name!

With SANNI SHOO a brand was born – and the foundation for a wide variety of carefully designed helpful products, able to be used daily.

In the meantime SANNI SHOO has launched many more ‘smart ideas’ for every day: Starting with funny shoe racks to cheerful vegetable brushes. It’s Swiss design with a high standard for quality, form and function. All products are being produced in Europe. Want to share the love?  They can make also make great gifts for friends and family,

SANNI SHOO– Products that make you smile